Who the Heck Are We?

Hope & Raj - Celebrating OktoberfestWe’re Raj and Hope, the co-developers of Beer Gardens NYC, the first app for beer gardens in New York City, or anywhere in the US, for that matter.

How’d we get this kick ass cool idea, you ask?

Not so strangely, our Eureka moment came while we were kicking back in…a beer garden! From there we spent five consecutive weekends trekking to each of the 60+ beer gardens featured in our app—we like to be thorough—braving booze-soaked World Cup watchers and soaring summer temperatures.

Raj, a techie geek, is a native of Queens, a borough that is home to classic beer gardens like the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden as well as those newer on the scene. Hope, a travel writer and romance novelist, is a transplant from Washington, DC. Raj loves going to beer gardens because of the great beer selections they boast. For Hope, it’s all about the pastoral pleasure of tippling in the Great Outdoors—or at least the private patches of pedicured green space that New York City beer gardens provide.

Beer GardensOur app, BEER GARDENS NYC reflects the best of our compatible worlds.  Raj’s bailiwick was the beers—our awesome list of 1,000 plus beers is searchable by venue and brand. Hope reached into her travel writer’s bag o’ tricks to provide rich summaries of the scene for each venue—the food menu, the landscaping, and the bathrooms. (Hey, that counts, too).

As much as we love talking about our cool app, our web site says it all. Visit us at www.BeerGardensNYC.com and find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Stein-tastically Yours,

Raj & Hope

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